The Best Dating Websites in the USA & Canada

If you’ve decided to start online dating, you are probably feeling a little bamboozled with the sheer quantity of internet dating sites available in the USA and Canada! This site aims to help you out by providing you dating site reviews for all the top online dating sites.

Over the months we’ve been trying and testing all the top dating sites. We’ve checked out the biggest and most popular dating sites, but we’ve also taken a close look at the best niche dating sites. So if you are a single parent, a divorcee, a Christian, a senior, or just someone who is young free and single and looking for the perfect partner, you will find something here.

If you are in a rush here are our top #3 dating websites:

join #1 – is the biggest and most popular dating website on the internet and is also one of the original pioneers of online dating. This is a good one to join if you want lots of choice.
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Eharmony Dating #2 – EHarmony
A recent poll revealed that 239 people who met on EHarmony get married every day! With this site you fill out a personality questionnaire and you’ll be automatically matched.
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Perfect Match Dating Website #3 – Perfect Match
Perfect Match is one of the fastest growing dating sites and is ideal for people looking for a long lasting relationship. Like EHarmony, Perfect Match uses personality testing.
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All of the top dating sites listed above provide you with a free trial. This is great, because if you are undecided on which dating site to join, you can try out 2 or 3 for free and then become a member of the one that you like the best.

If you don’t have much time available take a look at these top 3 dating sites first. These are the most popular sites and you are likely to have the biggest choice.

As this is a brand new website we are in the process of adding our dating site reviews to this website. Please bear with us as we continue to add all the reviews.

Here are 3 quick tips for getting the most out of online dating:

1) Take the time to fill out your profile – spend some time creating an enticing dating profile and be sure to add some clear and recent photos. If you are joining a dating site you will often find that they promote the newest members for a short period of time. This means that for a limited time you will get lots of people checking out your profile. This is your chance to be noticed, so make it as attractive as possible!

2) Be Honest – however tempting it may be, don’t lie on your profile. Although this could get you more dates intially, you’ll soon be found out if you are telling people you are younger, slimmer or richer that you really area!

3) Don’t Contact Too Many People at Once – it’s very easy to get carried away and start sending messages to lots of different people. It is much better if you think about quality rather than quantity. Take the time to read peoples’ profiles and send them a message that shows that you have read their profile. You are much more likely to get results this way that by blasting a standard message out to 20 people.

Remember that online dating takes time, so don’t be disheartened if it takes a while to get your first date, or if you meet a few people along the way who aren’t right for you. If you join one of the top dating sites mentioned above you will be  a step further towards metting that special someone.