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Does Online Dating Mean You Are Desperate?

Does online dating mean you're desperate?Are you considering doing some online dating for the first time, but are worried that it may make you look like you are desperate? Or are you worried what your friends or family may think?

Turn the clock back 10 years or so and you’ll have found that many people held this attitude about online dating or dating agencies.

However, in this day and age you will find that the majority of people just see internet dating as a normal activity, and  one that is very popular and common among single people.

So if you are wondering if online dating means you are desparate, the answer is a resounding “NO!”. You just need to take a look at the USA’s biggest dating site as an example. They have 20 million members and I’m pretty sure that most of these people are not desperate :-)

Online dating is also the third biggest business on the internet – see this article on computer world for more details.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, you may want to consider the fact that by not trying  dating websites you are missing out on a huge opportunity to meet someone special. If you’ve already met all your friends’ friends, your family’s friends and the people at your work without meeting someone suitable, then that only leaves meeting people at bars and clubs, by chance, or through some hobby or club that you are involved in.

Trying online dating opens up a whole lot of new possibilities. As most dating sites have extensive search features you can also filter out the types of people that you know you’ll definitely not be interested in e.g. people of a certain age, or people that don’t (or do) want children, people that don’t share your interests, people that smoke (or don’t smoke), or people who are not of a certain religion.

In real life it’s not really possible to do that amount of filtering as you can’t find these things out about people until you meet them and spend some time with them.

With online dating it is actually possible to be VERY picky (the opposite of desperate don’t you think?). You can pretty much whittle down your potential dates to people who fit your requirements exactly and then have some fun browsing through the photos and profiles to find someone that you want to chat to online or meet in real life.

If reading this has changed your mind, have a look here to find out what the best and most popular dating sites are.

How to Compare Online Dating Sites

Compare Online Dating SitesOnline dating services are becoming more and more popular as single men and women gravitate towards them as a means to meet new people.

If you are unfamiliar with the different dating websites, it can be a minefield to know which ones are the best to sign up with. If you are feeling bewildered, this post will show you how you can differentiate between the plethora of different online dating sites!

#1 – What does it Cost?
Some online dating services are free to use, others are partially free where you can access certain functions before you have to pay and others are ones you have to pay to access the services offered. If you decide to join a dating service where you have to pay, ensure you know what you are paying for and whether it will be a one-off fee or reoccurring for a certain time period.

Have a look at the terms and conditions as well. I know this can be boring, but you need to know if you are tying yourself into a specific period of time, or if you can get a refund within a certain number of days if you are unhappy with the site.

Also, do bear in mind that free is not always better. Free dating sites tend to have so many more “dead” profiles ie. profiles of people who left the dating site long ago.

#2 – Does it Meet your Needs?

Certain online dating services are specialised in the type of people that they are targeting eg seniors, single parents, same sex. If you have specific requirements, sign up to an online dating service that caters for your needs and requirements.

If you are looking for a long term relationship you will find that certain sites are catering specifically to this. On the other hand if you are looking for lots of casual dates, you need to pick a site that caters to yhis.

#3 – What Features are there?

Various online dating services offer a range of features to entice single people to sign up with them. Such features can include winks, real time chats, photo and video uploading and instant messaging. Select an online dating service that has features that make it engaging and enjoyable for you.

#4 – What do Your Friends Think?

A number of your single friends may have tried various online dating sites and had some success stories come out of them. Listen to what they have to say and sign up to online dating services that have received good feedback and avoid those that have had unfavourable feedback.

#5 – Ease of use

Online dating services should be user friendly and make it relatively straight forward for you to sign up and register and begin searching for potential new partners. If there are too many steps involved in the process, it can turn off potential users.

#6 – Easy to search
The key to a good online dating service is the ability to search for potential new partners. Select an online dating service that will help you search the way you want. For example, you may wish to search for partners based on age, height, body type, occupation, location and relationship status.

#7 – Number of Members
Another final thing that you may want to consider is the number of members that the dating site has. This is particularly important if you live in a rural area. There is not much point paying to join a dating site only to find that there are 3 or 4 people in your local area!

So take a little bit of time to think about what yo want and compare online dating services before you dive in and sign up.

Have a look at the top dating sites in the USA and Canada to help you decide what the right ones for you are. You can sign up to all of these dating sites for free initially and decide whther or not it is suitable for you before you join.

Dating Profile Help – Advice on Creating Dating Profiles

dating profile helpDo you need a little bit of dating profile help? Having a great dating profile will really help you to attract the attention of potential suitors. Writing a good dating profile can make a big difference. With so many dating profiles online, it is best to write one that will ensure that yours stand out from the crowd. Here is some advice on creating a good dating profile:

#1 – Put up a clear and nice picture of yourself
Due to the absence of seeing what a person actually looks like in person, a photo is the next best thing. For the majority of people online, they will only click into a person’s profile if they like the look of the photos. Offensive or hazy looking photos won’t do much for your profile so make sure your photos are clear and are the best photos of you to put on your profile. Also don’t be tempted to add old photos – you may get more dates with a photo of your younger self, but you are unlikely to get repeat dates when people find out that you have been economical with the truth!

#2 – Be creative and interesting with your headline and tagline
Often, dating sites will have one line for you to put your headline and tagline. Write one that will grab people’s attention. Show a bit of creativity and write one that is witty, will best portray your personality and will act as a hook to lure people to your profile! Some people may just glance quickly at the taglines rather than reading the whole profile, so this is often your only chance to catch someone’s eye.

#3 – Write a short but sweet online profile
An online profile should unveil a bit of yourself however not reveal too much. Create a bit of mystery and intrigue by writing a short paragraph about who you are. Once you start messaging each other than you can start unravelling more and more about yourself!

#4 – Be upfront and honest
If you want a particular type of relationship, write that in your profile. People will then know upfront whether they are seeking the same type of relationship as you. In your profile, be honest about who you are and if they like what you write then they will be inclined to contact you and want to know more about you.

#5 – Create a sense of modesty
Who likes a know it all who just wants to brag about themselves! Be down to earth when writing your online profile and mention a few things that you are proud of however do not get too carried away. You may have achieved a lot in your life however people do not need to know all this information on your profile.

The best time to post a dating profile is as soon as possible after joining a dating site. You will often find that dating sites advertise the newest members very prominently so you have a couple of days where your profile will be viewed by a LOT more people than normal. Take advantage of this by getting your profile set up as soon as you can.

Online dating websites have helped many members who have signed up hoping to meet that special someone. A dating profile needs to have a point of difference that will get people’s attention. Use these dating profile tips to help you get the best profile possible! If you need some dating profile examples take a look at this site for advice on how to write your profile in 3 and a half minutes!

7 Online Dating Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make

online dating mistakesOnline dating mistakes can lead to a less fruitful experience and not meeting as many people as you otherwise would.   There are certain things that you should not do when online dating.  Make your online dating experience more smooth sailing and don’t make any of these 7 dating mistakes listed below:

Online Dating Mistake #1 – Posting Bad photos
Photos are what will attract people to your profile and let’s face it, people can be superficial and only contact people who have the best looking photos!  As the most significant part of your profile, it is important to display photos that are recent, shows your face clearly and is of good quality.  Include pictures that show you doing something fun or interesting.  Photos that show you obscured in the photo, show you drunk or show you half asleep won’t exactly have people wanting to contact you!

Online Dating Mistake #2 – Sending Standard emails
Make a reference to the person’s profile when making first contact with the other person.  It will show that you have actually read their profile.  If you send standard emails to people, they will think that you are just contacting everyone under the sun hoping to get contact from anyone rather than someone who they think seriously may have a future with them.

Online Dating Mistake #3 – Having too many people on the go at the same time
If you correspond with too many people at the same time, it will get messy and be hard to keep track of what you said to who.  Speaking with a few at the most is the best path to take.  Take time to get to know the people that you are corresponding with.

Online Dating Mistake #4 – Bad spelling and grammar on your profile
Show people that you have progressed from primary school and can spell and string sentences along properly!  Don’t abbreviate words in your profile, such as ‘u’, ‘thx’ or ‘see ya’ when making contact as it will give the impression that you’re lazy.  Show people that you are educated and well versed in the English language.

Online Dating Mistake #5 – Being negative in your profile
Sure, everyone has had their fair share of dating unsavoury people however don’t mention this in your profile.  Writing negatively in your profile will show people that you are a bitter and unhappy person.  Be positive in your writing rather than saying you don’t like this or that.

Online Dating Mistake #6 – Sharing too much personal information
Safety is paramount when you are online dating.  Revealing where you live, where you work and other personal details before you have even met is not advisable.  Meet them in person first and assess what type of person they are before telling them personal information about yourself.

Online Dating Mistake #7 – Setting Your Expectations Too High
When you are dating online you really have to set your expectations first. For example, if you are in your forties do you really think that twenty year old girl is going to want to date you (at least for the right reasons).

The world of online dating can be a minefield to navigate.  Online dating mistakes can occur however try and minimise them as much as possible so you have the best chance of meeting that special someone!