Does online dating mean you're desperate?Are you considering doing some online dating for the first time, but are worried that it may make you look like you are desperate? Or are you worried what your friends or family may think?

Turn the clock back 10 years or so and you’ll have found that many people held this attitude about online dating or dating agencies.

However, in this day and age you will find that the majority of people just see internet dating as a normal activity, and  one that is very popular and common among single people.

So if you are wondering if online dating means you are desparate, the answer is a resounding “NO!”. You just need to take a look at the USA’s biggest dating site as an example. They have 20 million members and I’m pretty sure that most of these people are not desperate :-)

Online dating is also the third biggest business on the internet – see this article on computer world for more details.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, you may want to consider the fact that by not trying  dating websites you are missing out on a huge opportunity to meet someone special. If you’ve already met all your friends’ friends, your family’s friends and the people at your work without meeting someone suitable, then that only leaves meeting people at bars and clubs, by chance, or through some hobby or club that you are involved in.

Trying online dating opens up a whole lot of new possibilities. As most dating sites have extensive search features you can also filter out the types of people that you know you’ll definitely not be interested in e.g. people of a certain age, or people that don’t (or do) want children, people that don’t share your interests, people that smoke (or don’t smoke), or people who are not of a certain religion.

In real life it’s not really possible to do that amount of filtering as you can’t find these things out about people until you meet them and spend some time with them.

With online dating it is actually possible to be VERY picky (the opposite of desperate don’t you think?). You can pretty much whittle down your potential dates to people who fit your requirements exactly and then have some fun browsing through the photos and profiles to find someone that you want to chat to online or meet in real life.

If reading this has changed your mind, have a look here to find out what the best and most popular dating sites are.

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