7 Things To Consider Before Making Your Relationship Open

Making your relationship open is a huge step, so before you take the leap you’ll need to make sure of a few things with your partner.  Below, we’ll be running through what these are, so read ahead.

How Open Will Your Relationship Be?

When deciding to make your relationship open, you should know that there are varying degrees of ‘openness’ out there. For example, you and your partner may only agree on having one night stands with other people.

As there is a spectrum out there, you need to decide where you fall on it; otherwise, there will be a lot of difficulties down the road. These problems can ruin your relationship as the line between having an open relationship and cheating will start to blur.

How Many Other Partners Will There Be?

You need to decide how many partners the two of you will have. This is important as being with a lot of people will make the time shared by the two of you more divided. You may start to prefer spending time with one of your other partners instead of your significant other.

Will The Two Of You Date The Same Person?

One of the most common things couples do when it comes to open relationships is bringing a third party into it. So, all three of you will be dating each other. As this is the most common practice out there, you need to decide if this is the route you’re going to take.

If it is, you’d need to know who this other person will be. Most people prefer inviting someone whom they know.

How Will You Be Inviting Others?

Yes, you have all of the above points sorted out which is great, but you need to know how to ask the other person to join your relationship. After all, what you’re trying to do is considered taboo so some people won’t be interested.

If it’s a friend, be sure to speak to them as a couple and explain the situation and why you want to make your relationship open. After this, tell them why you think they’d be perfect to join your relationship.

If you have no one in mind, you can use sites like Swipe-Affair.com. These offer a treasure trove of people that would be interested in what you’re offering.

Protection Is Key

When you’re with so many people, you’re living a very exciting life; but at the end of the day, it can be risky for the two of you. This is because you’re having sexual intercourse with individuals who could be carrying STIs.

If you get you a sexually transmitted disease, your partner will get it too. You might find out about this only when it’s too late.

Limiting the number of partners you have will help, but more importantly, always use protection and get yourselves tested to be safe.

Will You Tell Your Family?

Since this is a big step, you need to know if you’re going to tell your family and friends. Although telling your in-laws and extended family members can be embarrassing, what you really need to consider is whether you should tell your kids.

They may not be affected if you never introduce your partners to them. However, you may want to bring your other partners into your kids’ lives. Then, a discussion is needed.

If they’re a bit older, they may not be a fan of the idea, so keep this in mind.

Jealousy Is An Issue

As your attention won’t solely be focused on your partner anymore, it’ll be easy for the two of you to become jealous of each other. This can be disastrous as the jealousy could lead to insecurities and misunderstandings.  As you can imagine, this is unsettling as there’s ample room for your partner to even break it off with you.

With that being said, these are the points you have to keep in mind when making your relationship open. So, put them to good use.

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