Free Dating Sites vs Pay Sites

We tested free dating sites and compared them to pay sites, to see what the big differences are. This test is from the male user point of view, but there are some important points from the female point of view as well. Read our conclusions and advice here.

We tested free dating sites and compared them to pay sites, to see what the big differences are. This test is from the male user point of view, but there are some important points from the female point of view as well.

There are tons of websites targeting men that making a choice on which one to join can be daunting. However, we have done all the work for you as we signed up for most of them and wrote a guide to help you select the best one.

Go For Sites with Pay for Use Systems

The best site that we reviewed is which is a pay to use dating site that allows you to access all the features once you have signed up. Once you are registered and logged in, you can check out the most appealing profiles and images and send free messages to members you like. You get even more features once you verify your email (you can always disable email on the profile if you do not want to receive any emails from the site).

We sent several messages to a few girls we liked and got some genuine surprises. I do believe that since users have to pay for every message sent, they tend to be more serious.

If you have sent your free messages and want to invest more in connecting with the girl that has taken your interest, you have the option of purchasing coins. The coins have different prices depending on the level of interactivity they provide for the message you want to send.

One of the biggest negatives with monthly subscription dating sites is that it is almost impossible to unsubscribe from some of them. This is what makes a very user-friendly site. You never have to pay for a monthly subscription when you most likely will not be using it throughout the month. Instead, you can commit to an amount you want to spend on the site and get off once you have spent it. One thing to note is that spamming girls does not work well on the site. It seems the women are more interested in serious interactions and hence serious requests tend to elicit more positive responses. Most of the girls were eager to communicate and responded positively to our messages.

We decided that it was important to get the perspective of real members of and met Robert who shared his experience:

Most Recommended:

Robert: I loved the site from the get-go as I got to contact girls in my locality, most of whom showed enthusiasm and interest. I have used many other websites and been bombarded with girls asking for my email and selling services. clearly has good customer support and security systems that weed out such girls. I connected with three girls and got one to agree to meet up with me. I liked her in person and she also liked me too since it was not long before we engaged to be married. Now that I am getting married I am done with dating sites.

We also talked to a female member of the site named Maria who agreed to share her experiences about

Maria: I have used many dating sites on both monthly subscription and free plans. I was usually inundated with tons of messages from a lot of guys on a daily basis that filtering out the few good conversations to pay attention to was almost impossible. was a different kettle of fish as I understand that girls outnumber the men. I quickly discovered that men move on fast when you insisted on chatting more before agreeing to a meeting. This was a first for me though I was able to find someone that had the patience to understand where I was coming from. He had no problem with the fact that I wanted to know him first before meeting up. We are still dating and I no longer need dating websites.

Free Dating Sites

After using several dating websites and apps, we recommend that you stay away from free sites. Most have astronomical numbers of males per female. We tested out some of these sites by messaging 100 different women on one of the free websites. We got a short generic reply that did not have a shred of enthusiasm. We found that members in paid sites tend to take the whole dating thing more seriously as they have invested money into the site. They will put in more effort in trying to meet someone, which makes such sites much better than any free site.

Monthly Subscription Dating Sites

We have also tried out monthly subscription sites and while they are a little better than free sites they are not as effective as pay to use sites. Moreover, you cannot use some of the most important features of the website without a paid subscription. You can typically send as many messages as you want though many guys spam women with messages in an effort to maximize their subscription. It is thus difficult to get your message read among all the spam messages that girls receive every day.


We liked using and it is definitely one of the best ways to up your dating game. Do not think of the money you will spend given that you are more likely to get a serious date on a pay to use website, where the women are looking for meaningful connections. By paying, you will significantly improve the chances of successfully meeting someone to date and end up having a serious relationship with.

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